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[Info] Arashi Natsucon 2007 post of doom

Made this so I had all the informations up at one place for my own lazyness, and for those who are too lazy to search around XDDDD (because I'm too hyper just hearing the news, just after reading the Dome fan reports T0T )

Natsucon announcement on Sho Beat (Credit Jen's blog)

Sho Beat 2007.04.29 (Credit tenjostyle)

Jun's announcement at the end of yesterday Dome concert (Credit Jen's blog)

Natsucon dates !!! (results end of June, edited with the new cons dates) (Credit Arashi.vox)

Additional 12 dates (credit sumoboy)

JE's Ticketing system (absolutely useful!!! And absolutely EVIL system XDDDD) (Credit Arashi.vox)

I'm also curious to know who is going to go this summer (as I'm going too (ne anthalie9, NE NEEEEEEE~ XDDDD ) in August)

Geez, Arashi should stop making my heart beat so fast *0*

Edit (May 25th): Added the additional 12 dates.
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