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[subs] NEWS ZERO - French elections + Ichimen (Rogue state) + Sho's cuts (2017.04.24)  
29th-Apr-2017 11:24 pm
Sho - Scarf
Hello everyone!

Here is this week's News Zero. I was very biased, and asked the translator to work on the full report on the French elections, even if it isn't Sho-san reporting on it (but he does comment on it anyway), so thanks to her for always working on all the things that I add up ;A; Also I obviously translated myself the French parts, because the Japanese subtitles were a bit nuanced, and as it's politics, I wanted the subs to be as accurate as possible!
The situation in North Korea is not getting better since last week, so Ichimen covers the subject concerning trump decision of maybe putting North Korea under Rogue State.
On a lighter note, Zero Culture is about Sho-san's upcoming new drama in october, and Ralph-san is at it again with amazing puns for his beloved Sakurai :)

NEWS ZERO (2017.04.24)

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I'm crossing all my fingers here so that a French Brexit doesn't happen next week T_____T
I'm also very anxious about the situation with North Korea ;_;
We love reading your comments, because News Zero is a show calling for your opinion, so don't hesitate :)
Thanks as always to "Arashi English translation" for letting me use her work, please support her by visiting her Facebook page.
You can also follow me on Twitter to get updates on the subs.


11th-May-2017 10:56 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for bring us the sub version as always! :DD
As French election now has over, how is it going on there?
are you Happy?

I really hope Trump having more awareness for his words ^^;;
We just hope everything will not end up in war. T_T

And for Sakurai Sho drama is a YAYYY
just hoping He will not quit next year, since He doing everythings this year!!!

Thank you very much for taking time subbing this!!!

11th-May-2017 06:58 pm (UTC)
Thank you ..and I am quite happy at the results of the French election. Lets see what impact he can make to France and in Europe
12th-May-2017 04:30 am (UTC)
thank you!!!
14th-May-2017 12:45 am (UTC)
Yay! Thank you!

And congratulations on the election! :)
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