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[Sho Beat] (2007.05.20) Mention of European fans once again

Aaaah oisashiburi ne minna~

There are so many people uploading for Arashi fans recently that I don't find anything to help XDDD But well I still have numerous subs that I want to do (some are part done), plus, now that I'm on the stormy_team <333333, all of my Arashi love are for those subs! (and we're going to do "Yamada Tarou Monogatari" with Nino & Sho this summer YAAAAAAAAAAAY soooo happy!!!! (I was already so happy when I read the news!!))

So yay I wanted to make a longer post, but my boss just called me and I have to go back to work or I will be so broke this summer in Japan so I'm doing all the extra hours I can XD~ but I was listening to the last Sho Beat this morning on my way to work (as it takes me approximatively 20 minutes to get there, I'm always listening to Arashi Radio Shows on my way or back from work ^^ ) and OMG! Sho mentionned once again Nino in Paris but more especially European fans.

The file is up on tenjostyle LJ here (I've also uploaded it to MU). It starts at around 12:39, thank you soooo much to "Misato-san" who is the one who send the email! (ILU!)

Download: [Sho Beat] (2007.05.20) : Mega | MF (thanks to fishydotlove for reuploading it!)
Paris part MP3: Mega | MF | 4S ( a bit of a translation here.)

I think she's talking about the hardness for us to get ticket concerts but that no matter what, for Arashi, we'll go, that despises what Sho believes (*sic*), Arashi has fans in Europe (well, around the world!). But what reaaaaaaaaaaaaally makes me mad, is that ONCE again, Sho is all "Shinjiranai" and "Uso deshou!" NAAAAAAAAAAAAANDE!!!! I was so relieved that Jun said in the last Utaban that he heard about it too, he was surprised of course, but he believes it, but I was so mad that Sho said "Zettai uso da yo!"
I mean, Sho-baby, I love you, you're still my ichiban, but it's been 3 months already that Nino came to Europe, and of course he emplified it a lot, and of course, we're far from being as much as Japanese/Korean fans, but there's no need to STILL not believe it!

I've got the feeling that no matter what, Sho is the kind of people who needs to see it to believe it XDDD (aaaaaaah Keio-boy~)

Well ne, with all those fanclubs operations that started, even if there is so few chances that we'll get a concert in Europe, or America, or anywhere else, even if there is so few chances too, that it will grant us access to the official fanclub (at least << ), I hope, really, that this will send the message "WE'RE THERE! WE EXIST! AND WE LOVE YOU!", that's the most important for me! So go and join minna!

Aaaah I talked too much, and I should go back to work! I hope I will release a sub this week, I can make it XD

PS: Aaaarg, WindJP is dead!!! T0T Stupid Johnny-san must have closed it I suppose ;0; Does anyone knows if they found anorther address and if they opened a new CB??? I'm searching since this morning but no luck yet orz
Thank you soooo so much aozora_pedaru and matsubunny <3333 WindJP is now here (it saves my life, seriously XDDDD)
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