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When Sho and Nino are eating my brain....

Minna, ogenki desu ka?
My mum... she's quite something those days ôO Just 5 minutes ago, she entered my room saying out of the blue
"I'm going to buy an aquarium!
- ....?
- An aquarium!
- An aquarium?
- Yes!
- With fishes inside?
- Yes!
- You want an aquarium with fishes inside?
- Yes!
- Well... er... buy it??"

Hum well.. if you don't know my mum you won't understand, she never buys anything, so when she decides something like that... it's like it's going to snow in summer here ôO (like one month ago, she did the same thing, out of the blue "I want a new car!" (she's been driving in the same trash on wheels car for 15 years and everytime I said "Buy a new one, it will be cheaper to maintain in the end!" I felt she wanted to throw me her shoes or something XD) so I went "DOUZO ONEGAI SHIMASU ;v;".
Well end of the story, that was the only memorable thing that happened today XD

Anyway, I've just finished listening to this week Sho Beat where he didn't read my mail where I explained why, us outside of Japan, we knew about Arashi *sob* and Sho-baby spoils us with one new song of his own, R'n'B like, called "Love Light" if I've got the name right (please please, correct me if I'm wrong, maybe he's saying "THE love light", but Shogrish is kinda hard XDDDDD). But around the middle of the song, he starts talking over it *sob, it sounded so good* so err, I've cut the song in two ways; a "short version" which ends just before he starts talking, and a "long version" which ends at the very end of the song (just before" Sho Beat" main theme starts to air) I've always wanted to use that graphic XDDD~

Sho Beat [2007.05.27]: Mega | MF (thanks to fishydotlove for reuploading it!)
Sakurai Sho - Love Light (short version): Mega
Sakurai Sho - Love Light (long version): Mega

Tooooo bad, he starts talking seriously, because I really like the song (SHO IS WHISPERING??? ZOMFG *nosebleed*)
Credit to ninosato PB

Edit: Thanks to happiegurlie, we now know that Sho recorded this song... 3 or 4 years ago???? That's quite amazing because it doesn't sound like it! <3

And I was soooooo mad this morning!!! I was just thinking "Aaaah~ I really want to see the bonus of "Letters from Iwo Jima", I don't even know when the French release of the DVD is" so I googled it, found out it will be released on the 28th of August, and WHAT AM I READING!!??? No limited edition? NO BONUS DVD???? WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF???????? DAMN YOU WARNER BROS!!! WHYYYYYYYYYY??? The US release is going to be awesome, they even did a 5 DVDs set with "Flags of our Fathers", BUT NOT FOR US???? NANDE???? That is so unfaiiiiir! Like "You can have Nino, but not the DVD bonus XDDD" I didn't buy the Japan edition because I thought we were to have a limited edition too!!! And the "First Press Limited Edition" with additional bonus is out of print!!! *sob* I'm going with the Japanese limited edition but I was SO. MAD. They could have included the French press conference and premiere in the DVD, along with the making-of and all (like in the US edition, there's the Japanese Press Conference)!

Edit: AAH YATTAAAAAAAAA!!!! THERE WILL BE ONE!!!! (looks like the contents of the Japanese Edition) Thank you so soooo much vivisectionlj!!! *relieved!!!*

I don't know what to do with the DVD release of Tekkon Kinkreet, because there won't be subs, and I want the limited edition, they will hardly do that in France <<
I'm so happy I got the chance to see it because it was released in like... 15 cinemas all over the country? (thank you soooooooo much yukisora for telling me it was airing in Aix-en-Provence <3!!!) It was awesome! This is really the kind of atmosphere I enjoy in movies and stories, reminded me a lot of "Gunnm" anarchy, not to say that hearing Nino whispering when he voices Kuro's dark side was...... ZOMFG!!! @_x *drools* And there were also 3 JE fangirls 2 rows in front of me ("HYD" background phone wallpaper anyone?)!!! I was all "OMG"! I didn't dare talk to them because I was alone and they were in their little world, but I was happy I wasn't the only one in the room here for Nino XDDDDD

(yes I know, I'm taking pictures of approximatively anything)

Well that's it, oh and Sho mentioned in Sho Beat that his special report in Australia for NEWS ZERO will be next week? (I think I've read it was to be aired on June 2nd??) Anyway, can't wait to hear Shogrish see it!!! <3
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