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[AAA DVD] MP3 rips, Videos and (excessively long) review (part 1)

What a busy week!!! @_x
Being over busy at work (and wanted to kill one or two people <<), received my AAA DVD (\ooooooooooo/) and LJ. Went. Crazy.

BUT NEW ARASHI ALBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!!! 11 JULY!!!!!!!!! YATTAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! (what to doooo, I want to buy the 2 versions T0T OK, preordered the two at Yesasia (because it was already sold out on CDJapan just few hours later <<) So it will be the "Arashi, Time Summer Tour 2007" ne?) (And WTF @ Jun's solo??? "Yabai-Yabai-Yabai" XDDDDDDDDDD)

Anywayyyyyyyyy... here is my "crazy over Arashi Around Asia DVD" post of doom \o/ (if you haven't seen it yet and don't want to be spoiled, STOP RIGHT HERE (because I've survived until then without reading any reviews etc...))
Includes review step by step (or more likely "What's happening" step by step and random crappy "translation" (wow, that's a big word coming from me XD It's more "What I can randomly understand with my crappy Japanese")), videos (watch only), picspam (a LOT), and mp3s rip (because you know you want "JAM" remix, and "Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi" Chinese and Korean version)

So, got my DVD wednesday morning (only a week to arrive YAY \o/), at exactly 8:01AM, which was really surprising because I usually get packages around 10:30AM~11:00AM @_X .... AND I WAS FREACKING SLEEPING AAAAAARG!!! And when I woke up, as I usually do, I wash my face and go back directly to my room to seat for 30 minutes in front of my computer. It's just when I'm done with that, that I eventually go to the kitchen and have a breakfast. So I entered the living-room... AND WHAT IS ON THE TABLE!!! THE CDJAPAN PACKAGE *eventually nearly collapsed on the table*.
Quickly opened it, drooled all over Aiba's sexy back on the cover it and even took the time to wall my mum "WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP WHEN IT ARRIVED????? 'kay bye, have a good day o^0^/ I'M GOING TO WATCH MY DVD!!!"

(you can notice how there is FOOD under the two first discs XDDDDDDDD It would be Arashi if there weren't food!)

Beware, ABSOLUTELY NOT DIAL-UP SAFE! (all the pictures are thumbnailed, but as there like 400 *not exagerrating*, take your precautions)


JET STORM [2006.07.31]
Bagkok - Taipei - Seoul

I really enjoyed JET STORM even though I felt really tired for them, POOR BABIES! They lived Tokyo just after their concert in Yokohama and went onto a crazy 24 hours journey around Bangkok, Taipei and Seoul (I remember just a few hours after they came back, Aiba went directly to record on "Hanamaru Cafe", I feel doubly tired for him m(_ _)m)
It was quite funny seeing the boys being all "WAAAAAAH PRIVATE JET DA YO!!!!"

Aiba is being all amazed at all the things in the seat, don't even know where the belt seat was XDDD

Even if it's a Private Jet, can't they have BEDS in it!!! >< I want them TO SLEEP!


RIIDAAAAAAAA SHACHOU!! (President) This send me ROFLing when I first Nino calling Ohno "President" XDDD That's even better than Captain! Next step is... God?? XDDDD

Nino (to Sho): PJ wo hajimete? (It's your first time on PJ?)
Sho: Hai? (What?)
Nino: PJ wo hajimete? (It's your first time on PJ?)
Sho: Eto.. PJ *can't quite hear what he's saying but he's asking "Waht is PJ?")
Nino: Ah Gomen nasai. Private Jet. Yeah. (<<<<<< The satisfied look on Nino's face when he spoke English XDDD)
Nino: First Time?
Sho: Hai, hajimete desu. (Yes it's my first time.)
(yeah, OK Nino, your second time will be 7 months later with Clint Eastwood XDDD)

Then after food, food, and more food, and a lot bunch of "UMAI! MECHA MECHA UMAI!!" (because you know, it's Arashi) (and Nino being a dork XD)

Shachou! I know you're hungry but...

We finally arrive at Bangkok, and that's what I loved about that DVD: They're showing THE FANS! This Asia Tour was made for all the fans that have waited 7 years, and I could feel all that love given and received by Arashi. I was really moved *wants to be in the crowd badly*
And Jun being all "Sugoi desu, asa da yo!" (That's so great, it's only morning (Aaaah but Jun, just seeing Arashi, I can be really hyper at as early as 6:00 AM @_x))

Then more food, food, and food (didn't you just ate in the plane???? XDDDD). So OK, you deserve it because you're working so hard your text in Thaï <3
Shachou, are you done with your text?
Ohno: "Kampeki djanee" (it's not perfect)

Okay so now we're on the press conference, and for the few things I could read on the Japanese subtitles, Ohno said that after Takki & Tsubasa came to Thailand, they saw they had fans there and decided to come, or something along that, and thank you very much for supporting us blablablabla. Jun talked about the single promotion ("Aozora Pedaru" ???). Nino talked about the Japanese fans and the Asian fans, how they wanted to listen to them too??? Because their sempai had done Asia Tour already, they wanted to do the same? (my "translation" is very random as my Japanese is so lame, but that's what I understood m(_ _)m)
edit: thanks to luckypurple, Aiba mentioned his trip to thailand while filming for Tensai :)

More crazy fans, more crying fans (How I would so want to be among them, crying of happiness *0*) and crazy fans following the bus on motorbikes (clever girl! But next time, put a bike cask or something! And MORE CLOTHES! If you fall of that bike, you're going to BURN! And you won't be seeing Arashi ever again!)

Now, direction Taipei!
And Nino and Aiba being super genki... over food! (what else?)
SHORONPO YAY!!! (you'll hear them saying "SHORONPO" at least 20 times through all the DVD XDDD If you're wondering "WHAT THE HELL IS SHORONPO?" It's on the DVD jacket, under the two first discs... it's that. That's quite awesome they even put it on the DVD jacket! XDDD)

What are they thinking? "We're in Taipei YAY!!!" Nonononono, they're thinking "Where's the Shoronpo??? WE'RE HUNGRY!"

More fans screaming, more security guards screaming (XDDD), and press conference? NO NOT YET! FOOD!
(I want to be feed by Sho-baby too!)

Then, eventually, they headed to the press conference, they looked SOOOOOO kakkoi speaking Chinese and saying their name in Chinese <33333

Jun announced their upcoming concerts in Taipei, and how they wanted to meet their fans and make this dream come true????? And please enjoy thank you very much blablablablabla. Don't know what Aiba really said, he was really happy, he talked about Variety Progams (theirs??? Maybe surprised fans know their TV Show???), and... that's pretty much all I understood. Ohno said he's really happy but was really surprised, and err, talked also about the Japanese language (maybe he's surprised they're famous because people in Taipei don't understand Japense etc etc...). Sho said they didn't know fans had waited 7 years???? And so he's really really happy blablablabla. And more "please enjoy" from Jun.

More crazy fangirls and security guards going berserk. No food (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!) but that's when I noticed "HEY! that's in the AAA Photobook.... OF COURSE BAKA IT'S THE AAA DVD!!! So you're going to see the AAA Photobook pictures ><" (that was really dumb of me, but that really hit me at that moment XDDD)

Nino: That's what I use when Ohmiya SK is going S&M :))))))))))))

Ohno: But I'm still the seme so it's alright :))))))))))))))

Hum yeah, sorry for that XD I loved how they all had yellow thing (Ohno: Neck tie, Nino: Scarf, Sho: Wrist band, Aiba: Handkerchief, Jun: Ring) because they did exactly the same thing for the "Kiiroi Namida" promotion, ne? ^^

Ah yeah, sorry I lied: FOOD

Just because... KAKKOIIII

Again, crazy fans screaming, crazy guards going wild, and crazy Arashi being "EH? WE'RE FAMOUS?"

That's were all the "Fans are calling him "AIBA"" started! Poor baby!
Sho: "Doko demo Aiba" (Wherever you're going XDDD (because if you noticed, you could hear the Thaï fans calling him "Aiba", without "-chan" or "-kun" earlier XD))

I'm really new to Korean, but Sho spoke it so quick and well, from what I could tell (KEIO-BOY <3)

Sho talked about how they were going to represent Japan at the "Asia Song Festival", talked about drama???? Made a joke I totally didn't understand, didn't understand the rest (too much kanji XD) and please enjoy thank you very much blablablablabla *nearly standing ovation for Sho's korean*. Jun said that they received lots and lots of messages from Korean fans, they were surprised by all the love they received, and how many the Korean fans were, and how it made them happy. Ohno is surprised and happy blablablabla. Sho said they're sorry for making them wait, that they didn't know they had so many fans there (HOW I WISHED YOU WOULD SAY THAT TO US TOO T^T *cries a river*), and please enjoy the "Asia Song Festival".

OTSUKARESAMA!!!! So tired, you deserved your Shoronpo!!!



Aiba-chan... when I think you went directly to "Hanamaru Cafe" recording.... T^T


There were SO MUCH NinoxSho in this DVD \ooooooo/

Sho-kun wants a yellow tie too *nosebleed*

All in all, veeeeeeeery tired for the boys, but very touched and moved by the fans. They were awesome and lovely. I couldn't help being a bit envious, I wanted to feel what they felt, and that was just a random meeting at the airports, you can tell it will be even more awesome on the concerts ^^

Yokohama Arena Live DIGEST

I HATE DIGESTS!!!! It reminds me of the ONE Tour DVD T^T Anyway, you can't put all of this on 3 DVDs.

Here are the MP3s I've extracted, some I've edited because they were cut too abruptly.

01 - Kitto Daijoubu
02 - JAM (remix) <<<<<<<< Which is ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!!! ZOMG!!!
03 - Raise Your Hands
04 - Itsuka no Summer (Aiba & Sho duo version)
05 - Caramel Song (Nino Solo)
06 - Tell me what you wanna be? (Jun Solo, with Nino's smut on the guitar)
07 - Ready To Fly (Ohno Solo)
08 - Secret Eyes
09 - Chou Arigatou
11 - Silver Ring
12 - Yes? No?
13 - WISH

Download package on Mega

So first thing, the countdown thing at the beginning would have made me nearly faint of excitation XDDDD The introduction with "ARASHI SUMMER TOUR, ARASHIC-ARACHIC-ARASICK ~Cool & Soul~ ARASHIC ARASHIC ARASHIC FINAL" was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME *too much excitation over the music*

Beware of the men in Pink \o/

Nino: "LASUTO DA YOOOOOO" (It's the last (concert))
NINO ILUSM!!! <333333

Let me say the the stage is AWESOME! (the huuuuuuuuuuge wall as a screen.. I mean... AWESOME!)

I love men in Pink!

I can't never say HOW MUCH I LOVE that remix of "JAM". I already loved that song before (mainly because of "Iza Now" tour), but that remix... OMG! RABU RABU RABU!!!!

SAKURAIBA SINGING ITSUKA NO SUMMER!!!! *faints* SO MUCH RABU RABUUUUU!!! I looooved that version!!! Somehow, Sho's rap sounded like reagga, it was really fun! AND DOING THE CHOREGRAPHY TOGETHER *tooo much cuteness*


Sakuraiba being Nino's background dancers amuses me very much XDDDD (All in all, I really appreciated this new concept of "Solo", it's more about one of the member being in the spotlight and the others supporting him, that was aboslutely cute)

Special mention to Jun & Nino smut Jun's solo "Tell me what you wanna be?" WHICH IS AWESOME!! Thank you Jun, I was still blinded by your "W/ME" solo which I never could watch as a whole on the fancam XDDDD

*inserts random hentai thoughts*

Nino.... how can you be jumping so happily when you just gave me really weird thoughts 3 seconds later!!! XDDDD

Ohno: It's not fair! I WANT MY SMUT TOO!


My absolute favorite part was the "JAM" remix, Nino looked awesome in that suit (all in all, I really enjoy all the suits, they weren't as awful as Johnny's suits can be XD), and the solo were really original, renewing the "solo" concept, with fellow members doing the backgound dancing and the chorus. I went crazy over "Yes? No?" which is a song I love (THANK YOU "ONE" TOUR!) and started dancing around like a crazy fangirl XDDD A DVD with that concert would have been great, but you can't have everything T^T

in Taiwan [2006.09.15-18]

I won't review the concert here as it's on the 3rd DVD, just the backstage and talks ^^

Yaaaaay I missed the screaming fans XDDDDDD And more fans going "Aiba" instead of "Aiba-chan" XDDDD
And Aiba and Sho singing "SHORONPO! SHORONPO!"

Even fans calling at Aiba-chan "AIBA-BYE-BYE" WTH??? XDDDDDDD

More food again, Sho is going crazy over the teriyaki and tells everyone to eat it (Jun cannot believe that Chinese Teriyaki can be better than Japanese Teriyaki XD). And now we all know why Sho took those pictures for the AAA Photobook because they were the best Teriyaki he had ever eaten \o/

Don't mind Nino surfing while everybody is eating, he probably forgot his Nintendo DS XDDDDD

OMG!!!! I could feel the pain, it must be like... 50°C under all that coats ><

They were so cute learning Chinese!!! For what I understood, Sho said their texts were only given to them the night before?

The Taiwan fans were sooooo cute "I feel really fortunate, I love Arashi, Atashi ni totte ichiban taisetsuna One wa Arashi desu" ^0^ *wants to be with them m(_ _)m )

I must say... I pity the Juniors... because... WHAT THE HELL WITH THOSE PAJAMAS SUITS????? @_x

The MC was sooooooo cute, they were adorable trying to interact with the audience, speaking Chinese (ZLOLOLOL @ Aiba not even needing to finish his sentences XD )

Nino YOU'RE SUCH A DORK!!! Messing with the staff, and not wanting to throw them your coat XDDDD

OF COURSE I WOULD FORGIVE YOU IF YOU'RE SMILING TO ME LIKE THIS!!! I'll even go wash your coat with a teethbrush right away!! XDDD

edit: Thanks to sonie_man "At the MC in Taipei, MatsuJun told the people "Wo men shi (his name in Chinese, I try to tpye the sound but fail)". "Wo men" in Chinese is "We", he should said "Wo" only, which means "I". The other members quickly realized the mistake and all of them said they are Matsumoto Jun (in Chinese). They realized the mistake because all of them made this mistake in the previous concert in Taipei, which is a day before. I read this from the reports of fans from Taiwan."
Jun noticing a sign board "I <3 ARASHI" so far away in the audience gives me hope XDD


Then thanking the fans for waiting 7 years!

After that I don't know, Nino talked about money, and errr... I don't know XD
edit: Thanks to "Anonymous" "For the Nino and the money part.
He say that he finally have save enough money to come Taiwan. And Jun said that Nino needed 7 years to save that amount to money. And those that have went to Japan see arashi concert, are richer than Nino. 'since your all are so rich, treat me a meal~ something like SHORONPO'" ROOOOOOOFL XDDDD

I loved that part! Sho says he's surprised so many of their fans in Taiwan can understand Japanese. Nino is wondering if they learned it at school and all the audience went "Noooooooo" and Jun said "You learned all by yourself?", and everybody went "Suggeeeeeeee" \o/

I didn't understand AT ALL the "Makao" thingy >< Nino said he didn't understand why he saw early someone waving a "Makao" uchiwa at him???? And then they all find it back in the audience (ZOMG!!! I would so bring a "Makao" sign board if it's mean all of Arashi pointing and waving at me XDDDDD)
edit: Thanks to sonie_man "It actually spells Macau, a city in China which next to Hong Kong. At that part, Sho-kun said he saw there were a lot of people from different place, Singapore, Hong Kong......Macau.(I forget if this is Sho-kun said this or Nino) And then Nino said Aiba chan at first thought this was a jr.'s name." XDDDD

Next part I didn't understand fully, maybe they talked about a fan who was too busy wanting to follow them all that she lost her shoes (sandal) while running everywhere XD

It's too bad the MC was so short. The Korean one was longer. Please don't take my "translations" (<<< ROFL XDDDD) for words.

Sho was super cute at the airport, even filming the fans and saying "Bye Bye" <3

More food, and food and "Mecha Umai!!!" (RIIDA I LOVE YOU!!!!!)


And let's all communate around the greatness of Shoronpo while we're still in Taiwan!


Geez, I want to eat Shoronpo so badly now T^T DAMN YOU ARASHI! STOP SHOWING ME FOOD!!!!

As LJ is a jerk, I have to post the second part of the review in another post ><

[Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]
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