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[AAA DVD] MP3 rips, Videos and (excessively long) review (part 2)


in Korea vol.1 [2006.09.21-23]

That just... send me rolling on the floor laughing until I cried from laughter X'DDDDDDDD

I'm wondering what's going on in their heads, it might be a little scary in its own way XDDDDD

The "WHAT? WE'RE FAMOUS???????" look XDDDD

Jun: "DAIJOUBU? DAIJOUBU????" (You're alright? You're alright???)
Nino: "Gambatte minna!" (Keep strong everyone!) XDDDDD
Jun: "IKITEIRU! IKITEIRU!!! Ikiteiru da yooo" (I'M ALIVE! I'M ALIVE!!! I managed to survive XDDDD)
Sho: "Yabee maji de!!!" (That's seriously dangerous XDDDD)
Aiba: "Yabee!" (That's dangerous)

And the guard (who really freacked out) all apologizing XDDDD Aaaaah but Jun said that's okay ^0^

AIBA IS HUNGRY??? ZOMG!!!! HOW SURPRISING!!! Sorry baby, there doesn't seem to be Shoronpo nearby <3

"Asia Song Festival" press conference. Jun looks too hot for my own sake
And he said they feel really happy and fortunate to be here, didn't really understand the rest but it must be along the line of "We're super proud to sing in front of Asia, yoroshiku thank you very much blablablablabla"

And once again, our Keio-boy who looks way too hot for my own sake too pwned everyone with his Korean (didn't quite understand, but it must be along the same line as above)

Ok this is a picspam afterall! (and Shachou just introduced himself in Korean X333)

Aiba is too hot looking forward tomorrow yoroshiku thank you very much~

Nino is too hot too looking forward to it, I didn't quite bother to try to understand, they always say the same things at those press conference!

Nino: Sho-san, yoroshiku ne!

Did I said I wanted to be a mic?

*tries not to have Ohmiya SK dirty thoughts*

Onto the totemo kirei photo session of the best part of AAA Photobook!

*I'm alienating my mind* They're just perfecting the korean version of A.RA.SHI they're going to sing <3

*iz ded*


*ish ded again*


*insert herself in the picture*

Some food times later...


KAKKOIIIIIIIIIIII!! All serious and working <3

I don't remember the story behind this? I think it's all the korean fans who gathered to buy this 6 huge flags??? Well anyway, thats really awesome!

Some crazy fangirls running and crazy security guards screaming later (ZOMG GO GO GOOOO GIRLS!!! RUUUUUUUUUUN TO THE FRONT! and kick the guards in the nuts thank you That's the spirit XDDDD), we've got to see Jun-sama smexy chest thank you very much <3

If you weren't wearing those pink suits, I would have been able to see you in the dark XDDDD

That's reaaaaaaaaally really too bad the Korean concerts were filmed so crappily! I've read it was all decided at the last minute, I can understand that, but really, it seemed that the guy filming couldn't quite keep his camera steady (fancam anyone?). Ok that's nice to have the feeling you're in the audience but well... the video shown on TV when it first aired was better (even if it was reaaaaaaaaaally Jun-centric).
Anyway, as for the MP3s, I haven't ripped them from my DVD because the songs are cut (and the sound is recorded from the audience, not from the mics, so it's not even worth it). I've ripped them from the TV footage, so here you go, if you want A.RA.SHI Korean version ^^

01 - A.RA.SHI (chorus in Korean)
02 - Kitto Daijoubu
03 - WISH

Download package on Mega

Must I add once again how the fans were awesome??? That's the spirit girls!

in Korea [2006.09.21-23]
Fan Meeting at Melon-AX

This fan meeting must have been even more awesome than a Dome Tour performance! They really, really interacted with the fans, they were close to them, I feel reaaaaaaaaaally really envious because that must have been awesome!

*nosebleed* Sho-baby, you should be showing us your arms everyday!

I didn't rip the songs of the meeting, because they're cut, and it wasn't that much interesting anyway, to have them as MP3 (no fancy Korean version or else). The interesting part anyway was the talk with the fans :3

I hardly understand anything as the sound is so much resonating in the room @_x Anyway, please understand that err... they're happy XDDDD

edit: Thanks to luckypurple "Aiba says that he loves kimchee and do the cute peace sign and when they asked if he likes Bulgogi he also says daisuki and do the peace sign again"
Aiba-chan was really impressed by those big flags at the Festival <3 And he's really grateful of course!

So now, what Korean words do you know? (for my part, I only know "Aniyasewo" (HOW DO YOU WRITE THAT?) meaning "Hello" and err... that's all XD)

Aiba: Allo (moshi moshi)

Jun: I love you (aishiteru) (Sasuga Matsujun XDDD)

And *zomg too lazy to search the kanji >< oh well, might as well search for it* Aaaaah, that's what I thought!!! \o/ *super proud of guessing the kanji meaning by its context XDDD* It's "Super fun" (sugoku tanoshii)


Ohno: Nice to meet you! (Hajimemashite) And that's.... approximatively all he can say in Korean XDDDD (so much that even during the Korean concert, He'll be only saying that XD ) And I love how he says it like a warrior or something XDDD

I... don't know what's happening next, they're talking about Sho as a newscaster, and err... Sho replies that he's only a small newscaster??? And they want him to make a demonstration???? And all the audience goes "SUKOSHI! SUKOSHI!" (A LITTLE! A LITTLE!) X3333333

Jun even grabed the camera XD


And ROOOOFL @ the audience going "SUGGOI! SUGGOI!!!" (THAT WAS GREAT!!)

Then the audience going "RIIDA RIIDA!" "Eh? What am I doing here? I'm not famous!" XDDD *nice escape with once again "NICE TO MEET YOU" warrior version in Korean*

Jun: "Uchi no riida da yo!" (It's our Leader <3)

And when asked "Who is the real leader", Ohno points to Sho-kun and everyone goes "SHO-KUN! SHO-KUN!" XDDDD

They then talked about Nino's blog "Game Nikki" (what, they have legal access to it in Korea???? WTF????????) And he said that today's Nikki was a thanks message for the Asia Song Festival (and of course, inlude the "I love myself" pose when the fans are screaming "NINO! NINO!" XD~)

Then I think Aiba-chan goes along the line "Please look forward the concert in October" or something.

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