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[MP3s, Videos, Pics] THE SHOW Sho Solo Con 2006

It's been a long, long time since I wanted to post about Sho-baby's solo con. I've got the feeling that people talked much more about Ohno's solo concert than Sho-kun's (I'm not saying that Ohno Solo con wasn't great, IT WAS AWESOME ASDFMLJSLDAJFLKJSADF!!!).
The fact is that there is no full fancam of his concert *sob sob*, except for "Oretachi no Song" and "Kounya wa Boogie Back", and Sho-kun's one is more a "concert" (really, just songs and MCs) while Ohno's one is more a "show" (less songs, more dance, sketches etc...)
Well they're both different and great!

Don't know why it took me so long to finally listen to the whole MP3 rip of his concert, but I don't regret it one bit! It contents really AWESOME remixes I've never heard of ôO I was wondering if Sho-kun really could handle a full solo con on his own (except the rap parts of course), unlike Ohno where I didn't even asked myself the question, but he really doesn't disapoint me! When is it Nino's turn?!!!! T0T

I want to thank happiegurlie who brough up the topic of "Pen no Sasu Houkou" over at sakurai_daily or I would have waited a long time again before going through the concert rip.

The concert rip is from xuannie, I took the time to make the whole tracklist and cut all the songs out (so you can bring the AWESOME "ALL or NOTHING (Eye of the Tiger remix)" with you on your iPod wherever you're going XDDDDD ..... seriously.... I can't stop listening to it @_x)

The Show Solo Con tracklist

01 - Overture
02 - Lucky Man
(I love how Sho is introducing himself with La Tormenta Chapter II :33333)
03 - Shinchousa No Nai Koibito
04 - Hadashi no Mirai
05 - MC #1
06 - Introduction ~storm~ (remix)
(and a little of RIGHT BACK TO YOU)
07 - Unti Unti (It's the same version as Taipei concert (really raping after the beat box, and the two "Bang Bang" at the end), and the intro was different, instead of talking about Arashi "Arashi? I’m not interested. I heard they’re from Johnny’s, coming to perform Hip Hop", they're talking about Sho-kun :3 And Sho-baby answering as always "Then I shall show you what an idol is all about!" <3)
08 - ALL or NOTHING (Eye of the Tiger remix) (ABSOLUTELY AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE!! This. Remix. Owns. My. Soul. I can never put into words how awesome this is! The part when Ohno starts singing the chorus, Sho-kun is doing his rap part, and "Eye of the Tiger" behind? AWESOMENESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Now I do sooooooooo regret that I waited so long to listen to Sho-baby's concert T^T)
09 - Ima Ai Wo Katarou (the lyrics (except the chorus) are totally different from the original version ôO Does someone gets the meaning behind it? Because I'm lost here XDDDD (original lyrics) Thanks to karmade for noticing because I was so behind it XD)
10 - Only Love
11 - Where's the Love?
(Black Eyed Peas cover, here it is (and the lyrics, so at least you can sing the chorus with Sho-kun X333)! Thanks to genshoku_gal for the tip ^0^)
12 - Rainbow
13 - Kouya
14 - Hey Hey Loving you
15 - MC #2
16 - Sketch
17 - MC #3
(introducing "Pen no Sasu Houko")
18 - Pen no Sasu Houko ~Chapter 2~ (which is a remix of "No Woman, No Cry")
19 - MC #4 (introducing "Oretachi no Song")
20 - Oretachi no Song
21 - Futari No Kinenbi
22 - Thank you for my Days (remix)
23 - Choo Choo Train
(EXILE song cover, here are the mp3 and the lyrics, thanks to genshoku_gal for the tip ^0^)
24 - Kotoba yori taisetsuna mono
25 - Gori Muuchu
26 - Sakura Sake
27 - A Day in our Life (remix)
(of the already remixed version of Iza Now concert (which was already awesome!!!))
28 - Yes? No? (remix) (could you make this song MORE techno/trance? YES XD)


29 - JAM
(and thanking the staff)
30 - a Day in our Life

Download everything (each song cut out) on MF Folder, or as a Zip file on Mega
Download the Whole Concert (as a single MP3): Mega

And while we're at it, here are the only two videos of this concert I know of. If ANYBODY has anything else of this concert, pleeeeeeeeease tell me ç_ç
Those two videos were reuploaded recently by KawaiSatoshi, and the logo is really smaller than the files that I had before, so for those having those old files already, you might be interested in grabing the new ones.

The infamous "Oretachi no Song"

Download: Mega | MF | 4S

Kounya wa Boogie Back
(Ohno I love you XDDDD)

Download: Mega | MF | 4S

Credits to KawaiSatoshi PDBox for both.

The 3 videos below were added on 2017.05.15

Report on Sakurai Sho solo con

Download: Mega | MF

News on Sakurai Sho solo con

Download: Mega | MF

AIUEO report and interview

RAW VERSION >>> Download: Mega | MF
SUBBED VERSION (by WENHYUN @ youtube) >>> Download: Mega | MF | Stream

And I ran to my mum's office because they finally bought a crappy scanner, so I scaned my Arashi Fan Communication Paper n°28 (I know someone scanned some, but could only find 2 numbers and not this one, so, here it is (just Sho's part).
You're free to repost this elsewhere as long as you credit back with a link to my LJ. Except on vox for the only reason that Vox rewrites the files name, so even if you credit me, the tag I've put in the file name, which helps people to keep track of who scanned what, will be lost. Sorry :/

And because this is what made me do this post, here are the 3 Chapters of "Pen no Sasu Houko".

EDIT: New and better version added, thanks to karmade and Aibakawaii PB

~Chapter 1~ : Mega
~Chapter 2~ : Mega (extracted from THE SHOW Solo Con, thanks again to Mindy for the hint)
~Chapter 2~ + MC: DivShare (different rip, and includes the MC introducing the song)
~Chapter 3~ (Demo Ver.): Mega
~Chapter 3~ (Remix): Mega
~Chapter 3~ (Remix 2): Mega (credit Arashi CB)
Joyful : Mega (Sho solo from Arashi Winter concert 2003, it's called joyful, but it includes some lyrics from "Pen no Sasu Houkou", thank you so much karmade <3)

How I love doing Sho-baby related post XDDDDDD~
Oh and just heard that my mum won't be buying an aquarium after all "Too expensive, too bothersome, you have to feed them (REALLYYYYYYYYY????)"......... SO WHY DID YOU THOUGHT ABOUT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE (to the point of telling me, really XDDDDD)
..... and I wanted to give the fishes Johnny's names *sob*
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