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[DL] Arashi Tokyo Dome concert fancams

I should stop reading my previous post! Because I start giggling eveytime! ><
Add to that, that everytime I'm raising my head, I can see above my computer the picture of Nino and me, and I'm giggling even more.
This is lasting since 4 months XDDDDDD (could you believe a fangirl could giggle so much????) (oh those lucky fans appearing on the AAA DVD... they must be GIGGLING THEIR HEADS OFF EVERYDAY XDDDDDDD)
Anyway.... *stops giggling*

I'm so happy a kind soul filmed some of Dome concert T0T
So here are the clips I found on oc244 CB, they're pretty good fancams, when you know the size of the Dome ôO And as the girl filming is pretty close, the sound is not off and it's not resonating inside the Dome too much.
I don't know the date of the performance, but it's one of the Tokyo Dome ones.
I'm posting the videos in the order of the tracklist, according to Arashi @ Vox Osaka Dome report.

Added CARNIVAL NIGHT part 2, Kitto Daijoubu & Love so Sweet fancam.

Nino's solo - Himitsu

Download on DivShare

La Tormenta 2004

Download on DivShare

CARNIVAL NIGHT part 2, Kitto Daijoubu & Love so Sweet
WAAAAH SO CLOSE!!! The boys are on the car thingy, so way closer of the girl filming! SO LUCKY!!! I admire all the efforts they do to wave at everybody and behing close to them! I even feel tired for them *0*

Download on DivShare

Aiba's solo - Namida no Nagareboshi
I don't remember well, I think it's written in one of the numerous reports, but you all know that during the Osaka Dome perf, Aiba-chan was so nervous that he kinda twisted his ankle or something, and during the MC, Jun massaged him. And I think that's because he was so nervous because of this solo, that during the Tokyo Dome perf, all the members sung with him at the end and disapeared quickly, just to give him courage (that's why I think you hear him say "Arigatou" to them at the end). Well I might be wrong, it's been a long time since I've read those report. Anyway, the point is IT'S SO DAMN CUTE <3<3<3<3<3

Download on DivShare

Sho's solo - Unti Unti + Jun's solo - Tell me what you wanna be?
A remix version of Unti Unti (I've ripped it so you can grab the mp3 here) and Jun flying in the air X33333

Download on DivShare

PIKA☆NCHI: + Sunrise Nippon
Did I ever said that PIKA☆NCHI was my favorite Arashi song EVER? (and just for hermiana and Nany, w00t DIAGONALE! X3)

Download on DivShare

Ashita ni mukatte hoero + EYES WITH DELIGHT

Download on DivShare

Hero + Fight song
More Arashi flying around in balloons <3

Download on DivShare

Wish + Love so sweet

Download on DivShare

And I'll link to reports from Dome concert for a fresh flashback (because it's always fun to read concert reports!), especially because of Aiba's solo ^0^
Fybabe, Sumoboy 1 and 2, Arashi @ Vox 1, 2 and 3, Chillinpaprika (thanks to lalalili for that link)

Too bad there is no fancam of the MC T0T
Comments and mirrors are <3


PS: HOLLY HELL!!! I can FINALLY scrobble my songs with Japanese tags to Last.FM using Winamp *cries of joy* (yes I know, iTunes is too heavy for my PC m(_ _)m )
Ooooh I'm going to spend all of my night retagging all my songs *0* (6 months ago, I wanted to stick with romaji, but now that I've learn so much Japanese, I understand there's a different meaning in the title if it's Kanji, Katanaka or Hiragana, it's a meaning you can't get if it's just romanji. Like for example "チェックのマフラー", it can be "Chekku/Check no Mafura/Muffler", I'll just stick to the original writting ^^
For those interested, the little plugin modification is here (it was released only 3 days ago @_x), and in your Winamp plugin folder, just replace "ml_wa2_scrobbler.dll" with it.
I'm going to tag happily through the night now \o/ (geez, I have to retag all of my ipod too XD)
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