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[Review] Arashi - Time (NE)

I HAVE to talk about it! I FEEL THE URGE TO TALK ABOUT IT (I just phoned hermiana just to scream how much this album was awesome XDDDDD)

I hadn't listened to any preview of the songs (except "Oh Yeah!" and "ROCK YOU" just once), I restrained myself reaaaaaaally really hard not to listen to the boys radio shows, and wanted to wait for the whole album in good quality (and as it leaked on the web, I couldn't wait until the 11th XDDDDD (not even thinking about when my albums will arrive @_x)), so here is my quick review.

Image credit to tenjostyle
Album can be downloaded here (thanks aeslis @ jpopsuki and white_remus!!!)

Oh Yeah!
The first time I heard it, I freacking loved it immediately! This is really an Arashi song, full of genkiness, looking forward feelings, don't give up etc... The kind of song which gives me the feeling to do my best and brightens my day 1000 times better than anything else. It has the feeling of "We can Make it!" and "Kotoba yori Taisetsuna mono" in a sense, but much more rockish and upbeat. I think this song equals my love for "We can Make it!" XDDDD

Love so sweet
Of course I cannot help but thinking about HYD. I won't babble about it too much as everybody knows it by heart by now, the chorus is sticked in your head for a long time (and hearts are flying everywhere XD)

This is my least favorite track of the album, not meaning that I don't like it. It has a little something of "Ready to Fly", and I must admit a little funky song at this point of the album is really fresh.

We can make it!
ASDFMJADMLJFLSDJF Cannot tell enough how much I looooooove this song!!! I loved it before the PV, I wanted to marry it after the PV, I feel I can make everything come true with it, nothing is impossible, the chorus raises my heart so much, Sho's rap is ADSMFLKJASMDLFKJKMALSJF freaking AWESOME. A real pop Arashi song.

OMG! I was actually cleaning my room when this song started, and I went "WTF????" and stared really hard at my Arashi posters thinking "My babies? IS THAT YOU SINGING???? OMG!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU". I should talk about it in another post, but the main reason I became fond of Arashi is: musical diversity. I can listen to any kind of music, any, because there is good and bad in any musical style, so what I'm searching in an artist is diversity. Since a lot of years. You'll see that my top ever artists are those few who can achieve covering a large panel of different musical style and renew themselves over the years. And Arashi is one of them. That's why since I know them, I mostly listen to them everyday, because I can't get bored because there is so much different kind of songs. So dark R'n'B (I have no other name for that XDDDD), that was AWESOME!!!! Riida's voice was awesome! OMG I can't wait to see it live!!! RIIDA!!! MAKE AN AWESOME CHOREGRAPHY FOR IT PLEAAAASE!!!! This was really a wonderful, unexpected surprise on this album.

Taiyou no Sekai
Absolutely can't help but thinking about "Lucky Man" at the beginning XD~ Well the whole song has this feeling, Sho's rap too, it's funky and upbeat, the background music has a real 70's feeling, covered with Arashi cute little melody. The chorus changes this feeling a little, it brings such a happy feeling, I love it!!!! Overall, even if this looks like "Lucky Man", it has a different feeling I cannot explain, maybe because of the chorus, which I love too much!

Carry on
I. Cried.
Who is the composer? WHO IS THE COMPOSER??? I WANT TO MARRY YOU!!!! (Johnny-san says 岩田雅之, Iwata Masayuki. HERE HAVE COOKIES IWATA-SAN!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3) This song is too much, too powerful, too... OMG!!! And moreover, the voices of the boys are REALLY well used. Like sometimes, I feel there is too much a "boys band" feel to the way there voices are mixed (like in "Aozora Pedaru"), not that I don't like it, but this time, this was really, REALLY well done. The bridge where they sing "TO CARRY OOOOOOON" was the end of me, that's when I started crying. I didn't even tried to understand the meaning of the song yet, but I get the meaning anyway through our boys voices. That was the second big surprise of this album for me (really good songs are one things, really good unexpected songs are another <3)

I seriously don't know why it' called "ROCK YOU" but anyway... XDDDDD This is a nice cute song, but it mastered being touchful at the same time (drokish but touchful). You know why? It's because of that bloody piano behind!!! The whole genki song has... I don't know... I was talking about it with hermiana... it has a "Charlie Chaplin" feeling XDDD Does that make sense? A Broadway/Musical/50's feeling. But at the same time, that piano... it gives such a fresh and powerful feeling, preventing the song from turning a bit ridiculous, that's quite an achievement too I must say. This song is very well balanced and original.

Cry for you
NINO YOU SOUNDS TOO MUCH SEXY!!! please continue! STOP IT!!!!
This song has a little something of "I want somebody", but more rockish (YEAH @ GUITARS!!!! \ooooo/) Well more rockish! OMG I JUST LOVE ARASHI ROCK TOO MUCH!!! It's just the chorus thought, the verses are more funky. AND SAKURAP ON ROCK??? THIS MUCH MUCH MUCH RABUUUUUUUUUUU *faints* It can't top PIKA☆NCHI, but this is seriously a really good song, and at this point of the album, Arashi has more than ever proved us their diversity and qualities!

Love Situation
I don't know why I picture them singing that song on the beach...? XDDDD Anyway, I'm not sure it's meant that way but this song has a summer feeling to me. It's not the best song of the album imo, but I really like it anyway, I'm going to read the translation on nyanchan journal now X3333

Jibun no Kaze, a "Do your best" song I think, that's the feeling I get, anyway can't way to read the translation (maybe it's already online, I said I prevented myself from spoilers so I'll have to check now XDDDD), I'm sure it's self-referenced to Arashi (how many times have they talked about kaze while refering to themselves). Anyway, a little minus, the background instruments aren't that great, the song is good, but the music is too... electronic? I kinda wish for an acoustic version from Nino XDDDD

Be with you
RIIDA!!! STOP KILLING ME WITH YOUR VOICE!!! OMG that chorus is gorgeous, it's not too much, the verses are beautiful, like on "Carry on", I really think there voices were very well managed.
And I must add... Sho-kun voice was AWESOME. I mean, he's not the greatest singer, he's more confortable with rap obviously, just singing, well he's OK. The only time I really, REALLY enjoy his singing voice are in his solos ("Yume de ii kara" was GREAT), but there... He was so soft and beautiful, I really enjoyed it, I almost didn't recognize him!

This song is a miracle, also can be called "3rd unexpected wonderful song on this album". WHO ARE YOU COMPOSER??? MARRY ME TOO!!!! (Johnny-san says オーノカズナリ... Oonokazunari... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??? OHMIYA SK NEW NAME???? XDDDDD) The musical arrangement is gorgeous, something I have hardly heard with Arashi songs, that's why I love it so much I think, it kinda makes me think of Maaya Sakamoto songs (composed by Yooko Kanno), that natural and fresh sound. I think it's that "flute" kinda sound, and the acoustic guitar. I really love it.

Aozora Pedaru
SUGA SHIKAO (composer) YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU NE??? YOU KNOW I LOVE YOUR SONGS!!!! So composing one for Arashi I shall never thank you enough for it. Even if the only thing I don't like about that song is that on the verses they're singing too much together, I would have prefer to keep that for the chorus only. Anyway it's a beautiful song anyway (and it makes me think a lot about "Honey & Clover" of course :3 )

Everybody zenshin
ROOOOFL, the first time I heard it, I had a mixed feeling about it, but now for the second time, I'm really liking it more and more, this is genki and dorkish, this wil be awesome at the concert!!! I want to jump and being silly on it!!! *starts jumping around*
This is a funny way to end the album, I prefer a happy ending partying around than a sad song :3

Overall, I can't believe how awesome this album is, I'm not being biased here, there are Arashi songs I don't like, but this album is probably my favorite of all. It covers a wide range of musical styles, really well composed, the boys renewed themselves but kept being true to themselves, which is an achievement. Please keep on like this for many more years <3 I'm so happy, this is the first Arashi album I could discover at the time of the release, and morever, it's the songs I'm going to see in August at the concert, you cannot imagine how much my heart is beating *already imagining a tracklist XDDD*

I haven't spoiled myself with the solo songs, so I'll have to wait for the 11th, unless a good quality of the LE album leaks.

Favorite songs: all Oh Yeah!, We can make it!, Firefly, Carry on, LIFE

Pfiou *feels better now that I made my review*, OK now I'm off to learn all those songs by heart for the concert watch HanaKimi #1 and will stalk any CB until someone uploads YamaTaro #1 XDDDDD *will hardly sleep tonight* (for THAT one, I'm not going to wait for subs!!!) OMG! IT'S ALREADY OUT!!! On my12 CB!!! A.L.R.E.A.D.Y.! Thank you so much Rin-chan for telling meeee <3<3<3<3<3 *grabs and waits*

PS: Existential question of the day: SHO-KUN and NINO-CHAN!!! WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO DISNEYLAND PARIS!!!! I WILL STALK YOU SO BAD ON SPACE MOUNTAIN XDDDDD *sob* Of course we'll never know when they'll come to Paris, and I HIGHLY doubt it will be this summer (they'll hardly have time to sleep, so coming to Paris is out of the question @_x ), anyway, I would have sooo wanted to show to Sho-kun that there are fans in France (well, nothing left to prove to Nino ne? XDDDD )
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