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Make your Arashi trip to Japan

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I've decided to share my "Arashi's pelegrinage" (there's no other word XDDDD) maps and information, because, yes, I'm planning my trip to Japan LIKE CRAZY! Because I don't want to lose a single second when I'm there, So I've planned pretty much everything I really wanted to do . Take apart the "going to Arashi's concert", there's also a hell lot of set location I want to go, because it will feel awesome to say "They were there" or "Geez, I feel I'm in a drama XDDDD" (and it's a fun way to visit Tokyo anyway, as I'll take opportunity to visit around at the same time of course, so why not do two things at once *saving time and money \o/*)

So I started one month and a half ago, and it was really reaaaaaaaaally fun. Google Earth is loooooooove!!!
This post is mainly for me to keep track of things when i'm in Japan (even if I'm going to print every maps), but as it was a lot of work, and I know some people are going to Japan this summer (some in only few days, ne anthalie9? X3), I thought it might be of some interest to them.
And anyway, maybe you'll go to Japan next year, or in two years for Arashi's 10th year celebration... or in 25 years, as a commemoration, when all of Sho's my kids would have graduated from Keio and when Nino will finally start looking 25 years old XD~ And you'll be like "Oooooh my youuuuuth, Japan, Arashi!!!! My youuuuuuth"

...hum I'm getting lost...

Anyway, the following includes detailed Google maps of "How to go here and there", with many references, maps themselves are detailed, just click the big blue things and a big bubble will appear with pictures (of the said place when I could find one and screenshots of the movie/drama), informations and links (maybe some random comment XDDD), and most often, it also includes the location of the nearest train/subway Station (with a Wikipedia link (Japanese, or English when there is one), mostly useful because it lists all the lines going through that station).
As a help to go to the said train station, you'll definitely need to use this awesome site (just enter your departure station (romanji), and the one you want to go to, and it will give you different ways to get there, according to your budget and time *yeah planning like crazy*)


(don't freak out because you're seeing French, the screencap was made while I was logged in on Google Maps, and of course i've set it to French, but when you'll use the links, you'll get in English (or whatever the language you've set it to if you're logged in)

All those maps where done according to this absolutely great Japanese website, other where done according to careful watching of the movies/drama (mainly for all the locations of Pikanchi and some of Kisarazu Cat's Eye) (I must say that was greatly fun XDDDD), with the great help of Wikipedia List of railway stations in Japan *lifesaver*

Of course, all of the below are a few selection of many many other set locations. Some are not even in Tokyo, and I will only stick there (only exception for Kisarazu Cat's Eye of course XD~), so I had to choose where I really wanted to go.

Oh it also includes non-set locations, but interesting places Arashi fans will want to go definitely (like Aiba's mum restaurant X3 )

And even if you're not going to Japan right now, it's tremendously fun to watch the location on Google Earth (or maybe am I the only one to think that XD), and I remember at one point I stupidly thought "OMG, that place is REAL!" XDDDD That's dumb but that's the feeling you get X3)

Pikanchi set locationsCollapse )

Hana yori Dango set locationsCollapse )

Kisarazu Cat's Eye set locationsCollapse )

Yamada Taro Monogatari set locationsCollapse )

Haikei, Chichiue-sama set locationsCollapse )

Bambino set locationsCollapse )

Nobuta wo Produce set locationsCollapse )

Aiba's mum restaurantCollapse )

Johnny's Shop in HarajukuCollapse )

Keio UniversityCollapse )

Yes I'm seriously going to take pictures like crazy XDDDD Ah and a good point of all this work was that I feel like I know Tokyo like my pocket @_x (even if it's NOT the case XDDDD), I'm familiar with all the districts and train stations, that really stressed me down considerably! Because I know that when I'll get there, I won't freack out and will know where I'm going (a little "xxx wa doko desu ka???" will get me there anyway XD~) I even worked on my Kanjis because everything on Google Map plans are in Japanese (that was mainly to find "WHAT THE HELL IS THE NAME OF THAT TRAIN STATION!?" XD~)

Oh yeah, and I'll add again, I'm in Tokyo from August 21st until September 5th, so if anybody wants to hang out with me and go to those set locations, you're very welcome ^0^

Warning: This post is subject to change, because obviously, I'm still planning on my travel, and I might add some locations, anyway, I think people will find use in this post when they will go to Japan (which I hope will happen to everyone ^0^)
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