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[Subs] Iza Now MC Talk + Request about Sho Beat

EDIT: second version uploaded, with better timing typesetting

I'm sharing my very first sub with you guys, I hope you'll enjoy it ^^
It's the MC Talk from the Iza Now concert in Yokohama.

The translation was made by the awesome Hwen and Ames from say_it_again
The subs are overlapping (thanks yuckie_chan for the tip ^^ ) so you'll absolutely need Windows Media Player Classic to see them correctly, because the boys are talking so fast and all at the same time it was a nightmare to sub @_x

Here is the video for those who still didn't have it:

Iza, Now MC talk, version 2:

HARDSUBBED: Mega | MF .001, .002 (thanks to okenakab <3) | 4S .001, .002

I really enjoyed subbing, I thought it would be boring after many hours, but I surprisingly had fun, so I hope to make other subs soon. As always, the usual, you can repost this elsewhere but with proper credits to the translators and myself, and please do not edit the subs!

And I have also a little request, does anyone have Sho Beat from the 5th of November 2005 (where Sho is reading an English fanmail)? If so can anyone direct me where to download it or upload it for me? Thanks!!! (I've searched through many many many CB but haven't found this specific "episode" yet ;_; )

Edit: Cookies to yumenoko, you can download Sho Beat from 5th November 2005 (his Engrish was the cutest thing ever *0* )

Mega | DS | MF | 4S
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