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Introducing the fangirl...

I noticed I never quite introduced myself, and I kinda strumbled into the Arashi fandom saying "w00t I met Nino \o/", but err... that's quite ankward ^0^;

So I decided to make a too long post introducing myself a little bit (very Arashi oriented), because I met wonderful people on LJ, so... I felt like making it ^^

Me, myself and I

Real name: Fanny (that's why I NEVER use my name on English-speaking discussion topics m(_ _)m I swear this is a real French name!)
Nicknames: Winky (this comes from Harry Potter (Winky is a house elf), and has been my nickname since 5 years now, and I'll never change it I guess ^^), also known as HQP, Robert and Fafa/Fanette/Fanilla/Sabine/Germaine (at work)
Location: Port de Bouc, France, which is here. Most notable thing about my town (except the fact that there is nothing to do), is our wonderful bridge to nowhere (I might be the only one cracking up at that sight XD). Officially it's a replica of i-don't-remember-which-bridge, just for decoration, but to me, it's still a bridge that ends up in the middle of water...
Origin: Half French - half Greek
Birth Date: August 14th 1984 (so I'm 22, soon to be 23 ^^)
Zodiacal Sign: Leo ascendant Aquarius
Blood Type: O+ (I'm trying to sound Japanese XDDDD)
Job: Should be computer graphist by now, but is currently working as a "formatrice" at McDonald's (how do I translate that humm... I'm teaching the newcomers how to work, support and encourage them (well you can say I sometimes feel like a sempai XDDD), I'm also the substitute of the Managers so I do some gestion and management too.), because there is no bloody work around here. Not that I mind, I love my work, REALLY! I love running everywhere and my tension being super high when it's the rush time XDDDD I know my restaurant like my pocket and love taking care of it. It's just some fucking people I'm working with that I can't stand more and more <<

hobbies: Fangirling around (fandoms includes: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Japan, Anime, Manga (ok that's a wide subject) and too many other things), internet, webdesign, programmation, speaking English (yeah, that's a hobbie, I just LOOOOOOOOOOVE speaking English, I'm earning for English customers to come to McDonald's (and I'm the happiest when I can speak English to them... now I'm waiting for the Japanese customers XDDD)), reading Fantasy books (Harry Potter, His Dark Materials...), playing the piano (16 years of classical learning), learning new things... oh yeah, Arashi, Arashi, Arashi and Arashi. Oh yes I forgot: Arashi.

About Arashi
Ichiban: Sho-kun <3
Pairing: Sakuraiba (also it tends to be ShoxNino those days, because of YamaTaro XDDD)
Favorite song: Pika☆nchi, definitely!!!! (after, I have periods, hen I'm sticking to one song only, those days, it's "Taiyou no Sekai" <3)
Favorite PV: "Hadashi no Mirai", then "We can Make it!".
Favorite Concert: Iza Now (it would surely be "ONE" if it wasn't a bloody digest T0T )

And this ish me (those are the only watchable pictures I aggreed to show XDDD Oh the last one, I told Jennifer "Give me your sunglasses, I'm going to try Shibuya Fashion" XDDDD)

Self Portrait: *no comment on my drawing, I haven't done that since months orz* That was my self-portrait 2 years ago, and that one is just now XD *too much fandoms* yes I just copied karmade's blushes... I just love them too much XDDDD

Who do I look like in Arashi
If I think about it, I'm a mix between Jun, Sho and Ohno.

Jun, because I'm super scary about details when it comes to work. I also can't stand if nothing is at its place, if it's not clean and all. But like him, I can't keep my own room steady >< I've been like that since I'm small, I looooove cleaning and fixing everything at other people places, but my own room, I can't (well like, 3 times a year? XD But when it happens, I become as scary). One day taht I suddenly decided to clean, I discovered that what I loved about being messy in my own room is that I find back things I left here and there, and I just love finding them back, it's like a treasure hunt in my room XD It wouldn't be as fun if everything was at its place X3 I also have a wide imagination, and everytime I touched the entertainment world (not professionally, but anything made for entertainment), I naturally take the lead, and make a hell lot of suggestions, except if I find someone is better at this, so I'll gladly follow him/her instead.

Sho, because of the Keio side of him, I really NEED to verify everything, until I'm sure of all of my sources to confirm something. I'm also a crazy hunter for news, and proofs, you will hardly EVER see me requesting something (except on rare occasion where I don't have a choice), because I will always try and try and try again and again until I find it alone. That's how I learned Photoshop, that's how I learned programmation etc etc... Because I wanted to find it all by myself. I've also run a big French Harry Potter website for 3 years, and nothing amused me more than debunking rumors people sent me, with a hell lots of references of why it started, where, how, who and why it ended up like that XD Yes I'm kinda stubborn in that way.

Ohno... OMG, as much as Sho is my ichiban, if you were to ask me "who are you likely to marry", this would be definitely Ohno XD Because, I sometimes feel I'm his spiritual twin or something XDDDD Spending all the day long at home being lazy, talking or not, watching a movie or the ceiling, that's totally me XDDDDDDD I don't like to go out that much, and when I don't want, I DON'T WANT, and you can whine all you want, if I'm just too lazy, I. WON'T. GO. OUT. (well I go out sometimes anyway, but I prefer being lazy at home XD) I'm kind of a solitary person, not that I mind, that's the way I like to live, maybe because I've been reased as a single child with my mother only, so I've learned since very little to take care of myself alone, I had friends of course, but I also enjoyed playing alone. And what I loved (and still love today XDDD) was making up stories (daydreaming) that I could make last for weeks and weeks, and whenever I had freetime, might be at school or at home, I just stared in the space and made up my stories in my mind XDDD (sometimes, I even wanted to rush back home just to be in my bed and continue the story X3 ). So Ohchan, staring in the space for 30 whole minutes, that's totally natural to me XDDDDD That's why, it depends of course, but I'm kinda a patient person, even if you make me wait, of course a side of me will be pissed off, but the other side will enjoy this free time to daydream again XDDD

I might be close to Aiba-chan in term of craziness and dorkish things when I'm fangirling XDDD The baka experiments, I'll be as hyper as him, ANYTIME!!!! As for Nino, maybe it's because I'm very different from him that i admire him so much *0*

How I discovered Arashi
This is my favorite story ^^ I loooooove love love reading about how people fell into that fandom (please tell me your story, or if you made an entry about it, link to it, I just love reading it!), so I'll just tell my story too ^^

So last summer, while I was chatting on MSN with my best friend michi_yuki, she suddenly came up with a "OMG! Watch this, I don't understand why everybody is crazy over that PV, this is ridiculous!"
You guessed it, it was the "Kitto Daijoubu" PV.
Neither her nor I knew about Arashi, JE and all. Yes we knew there were boys band in Japan and Asia, but that was all (we're into JPop since a long time, but not JE (I think I only heard about Tackey & Tsubasa at that time, and I knew about TOKIO because to me, Tomoya Nagase was "that bastard who can have sex with Ayumi Hamasaki XDDD" well... he can't anymore orz))

My reactions step by step XD




OMG MORE HAT!!! Is that a circus or what??? (GOMEN NE AIBA-CHAAAAAAAAAAAN T0T)

This is so full of kawaii that I'm starting to like it XDDDD

That's the time when I started calling Ohno "Hedgehog"! (Because of the hair. OK I DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE XDDDD) He was "that guy with the spicky-head" m(_ _)m

That's when I thought "The guys with hats must be background dancers" (seriously m(_ _)m)

Well HELLO YOU! You know you're pretty damn handsome???

That's when Sho-kun gained points XDDD

OMG CRACK! I'm starting to love it, SAVE ME!!!

The Looney Tunes moment was the end of me...

I already said you were handsome XDDDD

You still look ridiculous in your car, but you make me laugh *more points*

OK *surrenders* Japanese boys bands are THE BEST XDDD (I LOVE JAPAN <3)

Which resulted, back on the MSN conversation:

winkychan: I FREACKING LOVE IT!!!!
michi_yuki: ... I shouldn't have shown you that PV XDDDD

In the end, I thought Jun was the leader because he was so handsome and always in the middle, Sho and Ohno were secondary singers, because Sho was doing the rap and Ohno the solo (and Jun wasn't but I still thought he was the leader), and Aiba and Nino were like, non-important members of the band, like background dancers and such (SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!) I think it's really because of the hats XDDDD
I became addicted to "Kitto Daijoubu" for a whole month (I think this was July or August 2006?), but that pretty much ended there. Sure I checked some things about Arashi, but didn't remembered their names at all, and didn't went further into it.

So how? Well, the usual: Jun bait
At the end of November 2006 (only 7 months ago!), I don't really clearly remember why, but I took interest in dramas (I think it was after watching "Shimotsuma Monogatari" (Kamikaze Girls), I really took interest in Live Action). I think it's because I wanted to try something different from animes (because I was only into that), I already heard of dramas before but never watched one (only "Sailor Moon" Live Action, but it's not what you can call a regulary drama as it's 50 episodes long). So as I knew someone who was into it, I asked her a list of dramas I could watch.
And of course, at the top of the list: HANA YORI DANGO

I watched the first episode, totally loved it, I TOTALLY didn't recognize Jun (and found him ugly (you know... the curly hairs XD)), but as I loved it, I took an interest and searched some basic informations (on drama-wiki). As I found Jun was doing a great job with his part, he was the first I searched informations, and when I ended up on his profile I was "Hey... I've seen this picture somewhere before...", (well at the time, it was an older picture than this one) scrolling further down, I saw "Jpop group: Arashi" and... "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! IT'S THE RAINBOW GUY!!! AHAHAHA LUCKY LUCKY BABY NANANANANANANANA!!!!" and started laughing my head off XDDDDD

I could sooo see it coming, I know myself very much, I know the way I'm fangirling, I fangirl REALLY HARD, I thought "You like that drama, you like the actor, eventually you're going to try to listen to his songs, you will SO fall for it!". I think I resisted 2 days and then I downloaded the whole Arashi discography XDDDDD
At that time, the only songs I knew were "Kitto Daijoubu" and "WISH", and I thought "Their whole discography is so going to be bubblegum pop" (you know, I had this vivid picture in my mind that they were the male Morning Musume XDDDDD OMG SO SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY T0T)
But as I'm using Last.FM, I'm always checking the tags of my MP3s first, and the whole discography was not taggued. So I didn't start listening to their other songs yet.
But one thing that bothered me was "Pika☆nchi" and this BLOODY star in the middle, because at that time, winamp was not unicode friendly, so I didn't know what to do with that star (so in the end, I taggued it like everybody else: Pika*nchi), but because I spend a whole 30 minutes on that bloody tag, I was "Geez, this pisses me off, what is this song anyway"... and I listened to it... and that was the end XDDDD I WAS AN ARASHI FAN \o/
I was expecting a pop song, and this was this awesome hard rock/hip pop song, that was so great, I was blown away. Not only did they broke my prejudices away, but they also proved, something I'm seeking in music and that I found in very few artists: musical diversity. I discovered Arashi were covering a wide range of musical universes, and this, I appreciated VERY MUCH!

After that, in the middle of watching HYD (which made my working days SO MUCH BETTER! I was coming back from work, all tired, and this was my crack pleasure of the day XD), I was super advised to watch the ONE Tour absolutely, so that's what I did (I was just all over Jun at that time (remember, Jun bait), so I was planning on watching Jun only XDDDDDD

The Show, starting with "Yes? No?", and that awesome stage blew me away (I was laughing my head off because this song made me think so much of Nami Tamaki (I had just finished watching Gundam Seed some months ago!)), and I'm an Ayumi Hamasaki fan since 6 years I think, her concerts are always dead awesome, so it takes something for another artist to impress me in a concert, but really, I was IMPRESSED!
So I started watching it, I was only watching Jun XD And then...

Sho-kun became my ichiban. Yes just with that XD I SWEAR XDDDDDDDDD Why? Because he's so hot! he raps HAPPY! He doesn't try to be all gangsta and all, he just raps, and he's happy! I LOVE IT!!! (and this is fresh, because I like rap and RnB too, BUT DON'T SHOW ME THE PV, 99% of the time, this is going to screw everything in my mind m(_ _)m So Sho-baby arrived, he does his Sakurap, he's happy, and it was a wonderful change! Also through all the concert, his tension is the highest to me, HE'S AT 6546543216546%!! HE'S JUST AWESOME!!!!)

I freacking loved the whole concert (well the digest <<), I thought "OMG HE'S SO KAKKOI" when I saw Sho's solo, which conforted me in making him my ichiban XDDDD I was very impressed too by the moving stage (but Ayu never did that! OMG ARASHI PWNED AYUMI HAMASAKI WTF!!! XDDD <3<3<3<3<3)

I think I spend the next two weeks sticked to Youtube and watching Arashi videos, trying to catch my 7 years lateness XDDD Also converting my friends to Arashi (just for the story, michi_yuki's ichiban immediately became Nino because in ONE tour, he looks so much like Soichiro Arima from KareKano XDDDDD)

I more and more started to like them all, Ohno and Nino because of the first Arashi TV Show I watched: MMA #82, Kodomo no Bangohan XDDD It sadly took me longer to appreciate Aiba-chan (don't know why, I still thought he was like a background dancer *kicks herself really hard*), until I saw Pikanchi the movie, and all the baka experiments of A no Arashi, and that was it: I LOVED THEM ALL! EQUALLY!

The most noticeable thing, I think, that proved me how deep in the fandom I was so soon after discovering them was that only 3 weeks after, I bought "Iza Now" DVD. Without having even watched it on the computer (I only saw "Eyes with Delight" Jun angle (because... XDDDDDDDDD) and Unti Unti). I. Never. Do. That. If I buy something, it's because I know what I'm buying, I already saw it, and I want to support it and show my love, but I already know it! That was the first time in my life I did that! (oh I don't regret it ONE BIT!)
The other thing was for the release of "Love so Sweet" single. I DON'T BUY SINGLES! I've always found it stupid because "you're going to have the songs on the album anyway, so I'll wait for the album". For all the years I've been a fan of Ayumi Hamasaki, I don't have ONE SINGLE of hers. I have her albums, DVDs, but no singles. NOT ONE! But I decided to buy "Love so Sweet" anyway (I resisted, I finally gave up because of "Fight Song"). And after that... I wanted to have all the singles *sob, my wallet*
And as a proof, on Last.FM... Arashi became my n°1 in only 3 months... THEY JUST PWED YUKI KAJIURA!!!! Who had been my n°1 since 2 years!!!! But listening on loop to songs, that's just the ay I am. I can stick to ONE song only for dayyyyyyys!!!! I MEAN IT! Just one song! The worst I've done was for Ayumi Hamasaki - Evolution... for one month. Yes that song only... for one month. That's totally normal in my world! XDDDD But I tend to listen to Arashi randomly, sometimes I'm just addicted to one song only, so that day or that week, it's just that song. But since I know them, it's just all their songs randomly, but Arashi only.
That's just to tell you how quickly I fell so deep XDDDDDDDDD

Why I love Arashi
I will try to make that one not too long XDDDD

If I can sum it in one sentence, what Arashi did to me, changed inside me, it's with that answer from Sho, on Arashi's Calendar 2007~2008:

Q: What have you achieved since forming Arashi?
A: Changing my dreams into goals.

That's... thats really what happened. First, their songs gave me hope and courage, making my work soooo much more enjoyable (before knowing Arashi, I had been working at McDo since 5 months, and I saw th change in my spirit, after discovering Arashi), I just can't give up because of them and the feelings they're giving me. They also have the power to cheer me up so I don't feel down in difficult times (one day, when talking with michi_yuki, I told her "How did we do... before knowing Arashi???" and she said "I don't know... we were depressed or what??" XDDDD), but they clearly opened my mind to "Nothing is impossible, you can make your dreams come true no matter what".
That's to be coupled with meeting Nino. That experience... really had an exponential effect on my spirit... to a point you can't imagine. Of course, you can see at first the "WAAAAAH!!! I MET NINO OMG OMG OMG!!!", yes of course, I felt like that. But something as crazy as that, alone, I've never, ever done it in my life! NEVER! But I gave it all, I said "You don't want to regret anything, just do it, no matter what, make your dreams come true", and it was because it was Nino, because it was Arashi, because it was them that I felt that strengh for the first time: I can do anything all by myself, I can make my dreams come true if I give it all. And now I'm going to Japan to see them in only one month. A year ago, that mear thought was impossible to me. Now I feel like impossible is nothing!

That's why I love Arashi, that's what they changed in me.

As a comparaison to my other big idol love, who is Ayumi Hamasaki, whom I've loved since 6 or 7 years *really don't remember*, I can clearly say that my love for Arashi is even deeper. First, for all the things I've aid before, how they deeply changed me, and also because, for Ayumi, she has that aura of unreachableness... she's nearly Godified you know. She has that image of light you can't touch... Arashi... they feel like your neighbours, your buddies, your best friends you've known since forever. Hell I've seen Ohno fart, Sho-kun running to the toilets, Jun doing the Crazy Frog Dance, Aiba doing all the weirdest things on Earth, Nino with his finger in the nose, and all of them the face burst off with 2 hours sleep, no make-up & hairs like my neighbour's dog... the day I'll see Ayu-chan doing all of that... XD They're just not the same and not comparable, I still admire Ayu very much, for a strong personnality and always being frank and honest. Just the way she reacted very maturely to her break-up with Tomoya is one of the many things that proves what a great person she is. I just feel so much closeness from Arashi that I've ever felt with any of my fandom.

Another thing I wanted to add, that I know a lot of fans are to be included in it, is that I learned Japanese. They really made me learned Japanese. I've admired Japan since at least 10 years, but never bothered to try to understand Japanese, which is quite shocking now that I think about it ôO Even when I was all over Ayumi Hamasaki, I read translations and all, but didn't connected the original with the translation. And when I was watching (a bunch) of subbed anime, of course I knew some basic words like "Konnichiwa", "Arigato", "Itekimasu" etc... but I really didn't try to "understand". It's really Arashi TV Show that made me want to understand Japanese. Of course my ears were really used to it, it was really grammar problems and vocab. So that's when I worked on matching translations, I also learned all my Kana, I've read grammar lessons, and more and more and more (I'm not really the "learning hard type, I want to learn "naturally", because that's how I learned English: Harry Potter + Internet, this was not because of school lessons... NOT AT ALL. That's also how I learned HTML, Photoshop and all the stuff to be Computer Graphist, I didn't read a single book, it's when I was confronted to a problem, well I search how to solve it, and learning more and more from my mistakes, the process flew naturally and I understood directly things that mattered), 8 months later, here I'm watching YamaTaro without subs and I understand 75% of it \o/

What my mom thinks of Arashi
Because this is just too funny XDDDD My mum... even if I had countless arguments with her, really, she's just great with my fangirling... She just let me be the way I want to be. Really, fangirling is not in the DNA! REALLY!!!! I know NOBODY in my family who can fangirl, even one bit, about anything. I'm just the only one! It just pains me sometimes (one day, a friend at work just told me out of the blue "I really wish I was as passionate as you, this must be really fun, I just can't seem to be passionate about anything". That really surprised me, and a part of me was kinda sad for her to not be able to feel that way). Anyway, she just watches me from far away, being crazy and all. A long time ago, I tried to make her take a part of my interests, but she's just not that type, so I'm just fangirling in my corner without thinking about anybody else (and I'm used to that, as I'm a single child and I've always lived alone with my mum, so I grew up having fun all by myself. I think that's one of the reason why I'm fangirling so hard XDDDD). But anyway, once in a while, she watches something with me, if she has an interest or anything.
The most memorable thing was when I received my "Iza Now" album Limited edition, with the DVD of the 5 best clips, and she was there when I received it, so she watched it with me. That was the real first Arashi video I showed her, and of course, I started with "A.RA.SHI", and of course, she burst out laughing saying "THEY LOOK LIKE POWER RANGERS!" XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ......... ORZ well I cant really denided
Well she even watched "Iza Now" concert with me, even the "ONE" album LE bonus DVD while I was kinda translating to her (I think that's when she noticed I could kinda understand Japanese now). She still hella don't know their names (it took her 4 years to say "Ayumi Hamasaki" correctly XDDD So I'm not asking too much), anyway, it's always fun when she's watching Arashi with me X3

My room and stuffs (aka Arashi collection)
Last part... the "showing-off" part XDDDD

Edit: Room updated XD

I looooooooooooooooove my room, first time Jennifer entered it, she said "When can I move in?" XDDDD My room is my bubble of dreams, so I want all my fan-stuffs around me.

Where I live the most XD My desk. It feels all dedicated to Nino XDDD Yep the picture of Nino and me is OF COURSE right over my computer *sorry, still hiding my face on it >< * And that picture of Nino just below it, it's that one the Parisian guy who was with me in front of the Ritz took, it's awesome, Nino is loonking right at the camera and smiling. The guy was so nice to send it to me, I swore to him not to redistibute it, or I would have scanned it since a long time m(_ _)m Anyway, it feels awesome to have such a rare picture (well... 2 XD) just above my computer @_x And Ayumi and Gackt hanging on Griffindor's Sword on the left? That's totally normal! *too much fandoms*

Yeah... the Japanese flag is maybe a bit too much >< I bought it at a biker convention (because bikers just love flags) and I immediately said "OMG I WANT IT!!!" (and it was cheap) But when I went back home, I was just "Geez, what am I going to do with it XD" so I just hanged it up there. Anyway I still love it XDDD And it's my KOKIA poster with her autograph <3

My books <3 I had to buy another library because my books just didn't filled that one anymore (there were some in my mum's room, some in the living room, it was nightmarish XD)the second from the top is for Harry Potter (2 rows XD) and the bottom one is dedicated to JE stuff XDDD (and I won't have space anymore when I come back from Japan >< )

My posteeeeeeeeeeeeeers, I LOVE MY WALL!!! I WAN'T TO RAPE IT EVERYDAY XDDDDD The only "real posters" are the Kitto Daijoubu one (bought on eBay), the Sho-kun AAA poster (ebay. OMG IT'S HARD TO SLEEP WITH THAT OVER MY HEAD!!!! <3<3<3<3<3) and the Arachic one (Yesasia). The rest is all printed by me. I so loooooove those 5 pinups, they're from the magazine Song vol.44 if I remember well. From where I'm sitting, you really can't tell it's 3 pieces of paper sticked together! And that "H" cover with the water melons, geez, I so love it!!! I know it would have been a better result to just go to a professional printer, and they would have been glossy and all, but it's must cheaper this way (as I don't have to pay for paper and ink \o/ ) and.... it's just funnier this way X3 I've also sticked little pictures of Arashi!dorks everywhere... because that just cracks me up! Sho-kun reflexion in the mirror... yes that's TOTALLY on purpose XD And I loooove love love my transparent Typhoon Generation poster, it's just so original! KOKIA is kinda the only one who survived the Arashi invasion in my room (there's also a Card Captor Sakura and a Harry Potter poster left.... Yamapi ended up here, I don't know why XDDDDD)

My collectiooooooooooooooooon! Geez, for 6 years of Ayu love, never did I gathered so much things, not even close to that really!!! (well at that time, I didn't have a job so, I couldn't buy anything except the albums once a year). The singles and albums are all limited editions I could find on eBay (I stopped eBay since 4 months or I wouldn't have been able to save money for Japan @_x EBAY IS JUST EVIL!!!!) and I received my "TIME" albums today w00t!!! I was just too lazy to take down the 07-08 calendar, so it's just not on the picture XDDD The magazines don't even fill my bed anymore!!! (and bottom right, I know it's not a Japanese mag, but Nino on the cover of a French mag is awesome enough to take a picture of it!!!)

My crappy cellphone! I love it just because of that phonestrap <3 It was a gift from an awesome eBayer, she just asked me who my ichiban was and sent me this as a gift <3<3<3<3<3
One of my aunt is reading that "Artichaut" (read it "artee-sho", which means artichoke yuk) and friends at work reads it "Archi chaud" (read it "arshi sho", which means in French "Super hot" XDDDD I kinda like it X3 I like the fact that in French, the way you say "Sho" means "hot" (not in the sense of "sexy" but the sense "not cold". In some context it can also means "sexy" but not often. I also like that saying "J'ai chaud" in French ("I'm hot"), can also sounds like "J'ai Sho" (meaning "I've got Sho" XDDDDDDDDDD).... yes that amuses only me I know XDDDDDDDD I'M TOO BIASED)

Just to clarify one thing, I'm not rich, I'm buying all this with my own savings, I'm still paying my bills, still saving money for Japan this summer, and still saving money for moving out next year if I can. The fact is I'm still living with my mum (yes that helps A LOT!), I don't smoke (that helps A LOT too), I hardly go out, or if it is, it's just going to the beach or something like that, a restaurant once in a while, but it's not expensive, I'm definitely not a fashion freak, so I choose that all my extra money goes to my fandom, above anything else, and I'm working my ass-off for it *queen of extra hours at work*

Hope that wasn't too long >///< I'm sure there is so much more I wanted to say about Arashi but... anyway, I kinda feel better to have written all of that down (nothing much better than writting Arashi rabu feelings XDDDD)

OK I'm off to bed now because... TOMORROW IS HARRY POTTER DAY!!!! I need to be fully aware \o/
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