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[Review] Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 
25th-Jul-2007 05:30 pm
Sho - Scarf
Surely everybody has finished it already, and there must be billions of review around the web, but I'm just adding my own >///<

So started it on July 21st, at 1:03AM and finished it on July 23rd at 3:01AM (add to that working at the same time = I hardly slept 6 hours in two days, in order to finish it XD).

But all in all, it will be a quick review because I've got a mixed feeling about it. I'm satisfied with the way the whole saga resolved itself, in a metaphoric matter; it does justice to the way Rowling can depict, in a modern way, Arthurian stories. I was absolutely waiting for the whole "St Graal" quest resolution. Because yes, Harry Potter is Graal Quest, like every myth, like every fantasy book, it's the quest of finding yourself, become whole and finding truth. And Harry did find it, he could have become physically the master of the Deathly Hallows, but by refusing it (choosing to replace the Elder wand with Dumbledore) and making this kinda malediction break, he became the real master of Death (by firstly, having experience it by choosing to sacrifice himself) and found wisdom. Like he learned it by discovering Dumbledore's mistakes, and being revolted because he has his same age at the time, you're not born all saint (like Dumbledore) or all evil (like Voldemort), you become what you choose to be, through your mistakes, and that's how you can find wisdom.
I'm happy in that matter that the circle present in book 1 is complete and mirrored in book 7: all the seven tasks leading to the Philosopher's Stone are a metaphore for each one of the book, and the final task, the Mirror of Erised, is a metaphor of book 7;

"How did I get the Stone out of the Mirror?"
"Ah, now, I'm glad you asked me that. It was one of my more brilliant ideas, and between you and me, that's saying something. You see, only one who wanted to
find the Stone - find it, but not use it - would be able to get it, otherwise they'd just see themselves making gold or drinking Elixir of Like."

So by not wanting to use the Elder Wand, he found the Truth, the real himself.

Well enough on the HP metaphora, there are enough theories and books about it, and no wonders another book about myths in Harry Potter will come out soon XD

Well yeah, on that matter I was happy, really happy. Yes I wanted Harry to die, but well, not really die but just... leaving something that would let him mark forever (as he's not as marked as he is already XDDDD)... like you know, the end of "Lord of the Rings" or "His Dark Materials", which are half-happy ends, that squeeze your heart so badly... I was happy with the part where Harry just had to sacrifice himself, it was very well written, and I could feel all that psychologically went through his head, and after he came I was "OK, you've got your near-death-sacrifice-experience, now I can accept that you survive through this and have kids and all XDDD", but the end was... too happy, it almost felt out of place. It was kinda shocking actually, I was so expecting one person of the trio to die that all of them leaving happily ever after felt really weird.
I was not bothered by the fact that you feel you're going in circles because that's totally how they feel through this whole tirying year, so all those emotions really went through me: scared of the war, scared of loosing someone, disgusted by the ministry, anxiousness from going nowhere and being in hiding... that was really hard for my nerves too, that's quite too much hard emotions, but it's important for the reader to feel them, because you can feel and understand the atrocity of war, and hoping you'll never have to live it for real. Remember first time you've read HP1? Hagrid telling how it was like when Voldemort was at its full power, and you being like Harry and not really understanding the horror of it, not able to imagine it. The Harry Potter saga is a great testimony of the horror of war, and I hope it will stay a bestseller for many years and decades, becaus ethere's so much history repeating itself in humans being, so much mistakes made over and over since centuries, that's why it's important that people understand those mistakes so they cannot make them again. HP is a great help on that, because it depicts the horror of WWII war very well, so let's not make that happen ever again, that's the message.

AND I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE KILLED DOBBY T_____________________________T *cries a river* That was the saddest moment of all the books... I ran to my mum and cursed JK Rowling every name I could think of for killing him XDDDDDD Anyway that was most touchly written (and another thing about house-elves, I've ALWAYS wanted their revolt!!! Hogwarts had that huge army of powerful magical creatures under its floor... and they ended up throwing forks and knives? WHAT. THE. HELL... ?????????????????????? orz Fred's dead had no impact on me ôO Even if I really loooooooove the twins, at this point, I was SO worried Ron was about to die that it kinda came as a relief that it was Fred instead.... I'M SO AWFULL XDDDDDDDDD And Lupin and Tonks dying had as much effect on me as learning they were in love: none orz But OMG through all the book my heart was racing so fast because I was so worried one of them could die at any moment... the horror of war... I was so sure Hagrid was about to be eaten by the giant spiders T0T ... anyway...

So yes, what I was saying, is that in terms of the saga resolving itself, I'm very happy (even if Dobby is dead T0T. Except for the too-happy-end. And some things, only us fans who lived the waiting since many years, and were really theory crazy, well I think all of us where somehow kinda disappointed. At least that's how I felt, and I know that people who will read it in 10, or 50 years, won't be, because they won't have that waiting, so they won't be too much theory-crazy about it. I as expecting such a dramatic event over Ginny and Lily... and it was just... nothing??? Especially Ginny, ho yes I'm happy for Harry and Ginny, really happy, but I was expecting her to have a much MUCH more important part in the end... when she was just constantly in the background (well and in Harry's mind of course). And Lily... Ok I believed that theory about Lily and Snape (especially when Petunia mentionned in book 5 "that awfull boy", we all thought it was James...), so it was not that much of a shock, but for me that revelation was way more on Snape than Lily. And WTF with Harry having Lily's eyes? Wasn't it supposed to matter in the end??? Well yeah, alright, so we know now that it kinda affected somehow Snape because he was seeing James, the one he despised so much, with Lily's eyes, the only one he ever loved. Oukayyyyyyyy, but that's it about Harry's eyes? Well... okay o......rz

So well all in all, I found it a great book, but not my favorite, which is by far HP6, quickly followed by HP3. Maybe because it's not a real fun to read it, it's really really dark, so I'm not going to say "Oh yeah, let's read book 7 while I have free time, just to have fun" orz (it's like, I don't know... wanting to listen to "Konseki" for days on loop, it's a great song but it's so sad that I couldn't stand it XD). Obviously, the Hogwarts/Magic fun is not there anymore (it would have felt really OUT of place), and it's really the direct sequel of HP6, like they're one and same book.

Conclusion: sadly, that end wasn't what I expected, even if they deserved all that happinness, but it will not be book 7 that I will remember of, while thinking about Harry Potter, it will be Hogwarts, the magic, Rowling's remarkable sarcastic humor, and the people you've learned to love, it's more the world and the characters than the story (even if I love the story ne XDDD) that will stay in my memory forever.

OK now I've got to catch up on all my FList since July 21st T0T SO SORRYYYYYYYYY!!!!
25th-Jul-2007 04:21 pm (UTC)
Ahhh yea yea... I see what you mean. The ending seems too far-fetched. I didn't expect all 3 of them to survive either. I forgot to write this in my review (it's barely a review anyway, just random comments -.-) but the epilogue kinda disappointed me... I heard about how JKR already wrote the epilogue years ago so I expected something... more I guess. Not just a scene showing how they all got married and have kids.

And ditto my heart was racing through the whole book also. Everything happened so fast and surprising. It was like watching a thriller... I tried to get ready for anything to happen any moment XP.
25th-Jul-2007 07:17 pm (UTC)
Now I understand why the guy who reads the book for the audio book (forgot his name) said "This book has a surprising ending"... well yeah, kinda surprising XD And it was a rather short epilogue imo (no Luna??? *poot*)

Well yeah, that was an exciting thriller, right from the beginning with the leaving-Privet-Drive, add to that Mad-Eye being killed orz You're directly in the mood, you know what to expect from the pages to come @_x

I'm going to read your review now ^0^
25th-Jul-2007 04:23 pm (UTC)
*foirage dans le post de comentaire XD*
Great review, as always :3 I won't make an essay because we already talked about that book and the ending-zomfg-ron-and-the-driving-licence but...DOBBYYYY??? WHYYYYYYY ??? (un jour on arrivera à s'en remettre XD)

Et je sais pas si t'as vu mais JKR a donné le nom du perso qu'elle avait finalement décidé de sauver...on avait dit Hagrid, râté, c'était Papa Weasley^^ Et elle a dit aussi que plus tard elle ferait une encyclopédie, comme ça on saura peut-être ce qui arrivera à Hagrid après que Albus Severus (pauvre gamin) est allé boire un thé, YAAAAAY XDDD


25th-Jul-2007 07:21 pm (UTC)
Geez, today at work, we were talking about driver license, and I couldn't stop thinking about Ron XDDDDD DOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NANDEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! T0T

P'tain chuis à la ramasse sur Mugglenet et TLC, merci de me tenir au courant XDDDD Ah c'était Mr. Weasley, j'aurais vachement plus vu Hagrid, beaucoup plus dramatique! WAAAAI ENCYCLOOOOOOO!!!! Bon ça m'étonne pas non plus XDDDD Pauvre Albus Severus... il doit se faire jeter des pierres XDDDDD

*hugs back*

NB: Merkiiiiiiii cai pas moi qui l'ai faite XDDDD Au fait j'ai eu Nany au tel, elle en était au chapitre 23 ou 24 je sais plus, quand ils sont chez Fleur et Bill et qu'ils vont intéroger Ollivander. Enfin elle doit l'avoir fini maintenant, je la rapelerai demainch ^0^
25th-Jul-2007 09:50 pm (UTC)
Ah oki merci pour l'info, j'espère qu'elle aura fini :D

Bwahahaha pauvre petit Albus Severus ! J'allais dire que s'il se faisait jeter des pierres il pourrait demander de l'aide au ptit Teddy, mais jviens de me rappeler qu'à la fin de l'épilogue "he is snogging Victoire" XDDDDDD (rah on est précoce chez les Lupin!)

Et je pense profondément me faire une plaque commémorative pour Dobby là XD
25th-Jul-2007 10:05 pm (UTC)
Quoique non tout bien réfléchi il a 19 ans donc on ne concidère plus ça comme de la précocité...XDDD

[/non rien]

26th-Jul-2007 06:58 am (UTC)
J'AIME LA POLLUTIOOOOOOOOOOON (franchement, tu le savais pas depuis le temps? XDDDDD)

19 ans? AHBEN VOUI C'EST VRAI CHUIS BETE!!!! Et il va encore à Poudlard???? Il a redoublé 2 fois ou quoi??? XDDDD Ou alors il venait juste dire "au revoir" à Victoire XDDDDD

Je pense très sérieusement à une plaque moi aussi T0T (et chuis sûre que y en a qui vont en vendre XDDDD)
(Deleted comment)
25th-Jul-2007 07:22 pm (UTC)
Bon on est plein à pas aimer l'épilogue dis donc XDDDDD

Voui je me suis posée la question à un moment, pendant la révolte des elfes "Elle est dans le lot avec son tablier tout pourri? XDDDDD" Enfin bon, Dobby (T0T)et Kreacher atait plus important hein XDDDD
(Deleted comment)
25th-Jul-2007 07:36 pm (UTC)
AAHAHAHAHHA XDDDD J'me rapelle aussi qu'il y a deux fois "Bastard" (je me rapelle juste du "We saved your life twice, bastard!" de Ron à Malfoy XDDD)
Non mais attend, moi à sa place... je me serais pas arrêtait à "BITCH" hein XDDDDD Je la voyais courrir comme une furie dans son tablier de cuisine (dans ma tête, elle a toujours le petit tablier de cuisine) en hurlant... c'était bien fun XDDDDD
26th-Jul-2007 09:02 am (UTC)
*se cache les yeux*
raah j'ai trop envie de lire les spoils XD
26th-Jul-2007 09:14 am (UTC)
26th-Jul-2007 09:16 am (UTC)
*fuis très loin*
26th-Jul-2007 10:10 am (UTC)
it's like, I don't know... wanting to listen to "Konseki" for days on loop, it's a great song but it's so sad that I couldn't stand it XD


You know I agree with you completely in this post (except I went crazy when Fred died. Like the world ended. Then the universe collapsed when Snape died. lol)

And I love love love your metaphora!!! I wanted to write something like that, but I was fresh out of the book when I wrote my review, so it was full of flail. Haha. You know what else I love about what you wrote is that it sort of calmed me, hehe. Because everytime I try to think about the book, or the whole series even, I feel like crying. But your essay made me feel a lot more at peace about it XDD

Oh yeah, I also thought the ending was out of place, like wth is with those kids' names. I know she wanted to let people know that Snape was in fact redeemed and honored now, but still. It was too weird. It was really like a fanfic.

Aaaaand there were a lot of characters that I thought were sadly underrated. Malfoy, the house elves and Ginny! Ginny!! I thought she'd get a lot more action. She came off as some sort of muse there ~___~

hahah long comment!!XD
26th-Jul-2007 11:49 am (UTC)
ZLOLOL Really???? XDDDD Well the end just calmed me down really... I was so stressed through all the book, that the scene where Harry sacrified himself, and the encounter with dumbledore in all that white/cloody/empty space just calmed me down, and I felt no stress until the end (even with the "OMG NEVILLE JUST ROCK MY PANTS!!! HE'S MADE OF AWESOME" part XDDDDD

So well yeah, I'm happy I just calmed you down XDDDD

It's just Ginny... yeah, Ginny, I WANTED TO SEE MORE OF GINNY!!!!! DAMN IT!!!! T__________T (and at the beginning, with the kiss, I was all "MAKE BABIES ALREADY!!!!" XDDDD)
27th-Jul-2007 03:49 am (UTC)
Dobby died? Tonks and Lupin died? Fred died?!?!? Who killed Fred? (sorry I'm so inlove with the Weasley Twins)

How about Snape? And professor McGonagal? and the what's-his-name who shares Harry's Birthday?

But why did she killed one of the Weasley's Twin TT__TT
27th-Jul-2007 07:09 am (UTC)




As long as we're here...

Dobby died while helping the trio escape the Malfoy mention, by a kinfe thrwon by Bellatrix Lestrange.

Tonks, Lupin and Fred died in the ending battle at Hogwarts, by a random Deatheater.

Snape died in the end, Voldemort send on him Nagini, it was just to have the power to use the Elder wand (long story) and not because he had betrayed him (because Snape had always been faithfull to Dumbledore, but Voldemort never knew).

McGonagal is alive, but we don't know if she becomes Headmistress of hogwarts after the events.

And Neville (that's his name) was awesomely brave, gathered up all of Dumbledore's army in the end and more, was a real leader, and was the one who killed the mlast Horcrux: Nagini, by cutting his head with Griffindor's Sword (like... he run right in front of Voldemort, and killed the snape curling on his shoulders @_x Quite the bravest guy around here ne? XD )

She killed him because she's just evil XDDDDD
27th-Jul-2007 11:20 am (UTC)

Spoilers really pick my curiosity so MERCI!!!

Tonks is one of my favorite characters ever- that's why I love Order of the Phoenix because of her... Tonks and Lupin- Romeo and Juliet of the Wizarding World ^__^

So Snape ain't a bad guy... *patience is a virtue... need to wait until the book arrives*

Yay to Neville!!! I think Neville's braver than Harry in some way ne?

But Fred died... poor Mrs. Weasley...
27th-Jul-2007 02:40 pm (UTC)
Haha I love how you just throw in a random Konseki analogy in the middle of a Harry Potter review. :D

This book was just a tummult of emotions:- I was hyperventilating on plot points about the horcruxes and hallows, laughing at death eaters being evil, and weeping uncontrollably when Harry was going off to die. I was still depressed when I was reading "King's Cross", that it was just kind of 'huh??' for me. I definitely think Snape's redemption was the best part of the book! People think its kind of weak that a man would base his whole life on a childhood crush, but I think its so 'human', to desire things we can't have.

The epilogue? ALBUS SEVERUS. Bwahaha.
30th-Jul-2007 02:41 pm (UTC) - hagrid
Super analyse du livre. Moi aussi c'est dobby qui m'a le plus marqué. j'ai quand même flippé mais non hagrid is alive !!!
la mort de Lupin m'a quand même fait un petit quelque chose mais sinon non.

la dernière partie fait un peu bizarre. surtout les noms ça fait trop étrange.

je me suis rendu compte en arrivant à la fin c'est que pour une fois je n'ai pas à chercher d'indice, pas de réflexion pour la suite rien, à la fin de celui ci il n'y a vraiment plus rien et c'est ça qui est le difficile.

J'ai trouvé marrant aussi les métiers qu'on harry ron hermione qu'a donné J.K. dans une interview. bizarrement elle n'a pas voulu dire qui est directeur(trice) de poudlard, tout en disant que ce n'est pas mcgonagall.
3rd-Sep-2007 07:15 pm (UTC) - all was well and gnangnan.
Pour Maugrey, Hedwige, Tonks et Lupin par exemple ça m'a pas fait grand chose... C'est arrivé tellement vite, pas de détails larmoyants ce qui donnait ce côté thriller, ou le lecteur craignait à chaque page la mort de son personnage préféré... je te raconte pas pour Snape et Fred, j'ai cru que j'allais jamais m'arrêter ^^;;; Et même le retour de Percy, j'ai trouvé ça magnifique, enfin...

MAIS POURQUOI CET EPILOGUE? Ca m'a vraiment achevée, puis Albus Potter, l'intention est adorable mais pauvre gosse de s'appeler comme ça...

Chouette review :)
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